Twenty One Angullia Park in Highly Sought after Location

Cairnhill, Orchard, Oxley, Killiney, Leonie Hill, River Valley, Singapore River, Mount Emily/Sophia.
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Twenty One Angullia Park in Highly Sought after Location

Post by UpcomingLaunches » Fri May 29, 2020 1:51 pm

It is the nearest purely residential development to Orchard Road, and that in itself is a huge selling point. A stone’s throw from one of the most famous shopping avenues in the world, residents will have every fashion brand on earth, right on their doorstep. This eye catching luxurious development, Twenty One Angulia Park has been designed, built and marketed to be the iconic residential address in Singapore. No expense has been spared, no corner cut, and the results, no matter what your perspective or your expectations, are very impressive.

It is impossible to talk about Twenty One Angulia Park without starting with the way it looks. Knowing how expensive each square foot of floor space is in Singapore in general, but especially at this postcode, it is a bold decision to have so much space taken up by what would have in the past been considered wasted areas. But these sky terraces, the way the gaps both break up the infrastructure and allow natural light to flood in, are what makes this development look and feel so special.

Twenty One Angulia Park Floor Plans

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